Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Superpharmacy Megastore, Petaling Jaya

Superpharmacy Megastore, Petaling Jaya
I was driving to a car service centre in Petaling Jaya when I passed Superpharmacy Megastore.  I saw the words “The largest pharmacy warehouse” and decided that I had to check it out.  Of course, before I checked it out, I searched online to see if I could find anything on them.  According to an article in The Star newspaper, the owners “drew inspiration from warehouse pharmacies overseas”.  

Parking is free outside the warehouse but be warned that it is mostly parallel parking.  The warehouse is very large and spacious.  The air-conditioning was working well when I visited.  I found a large section near the entrance with reduced to clear stock and best buy items.  

There were large boxes of facial masks at reasonable prices.  I remember paying more than MYR3.20 each for N95 masks a few years ago during the haze.  There were also travel-sized Pantene and Head and Shoulders shampoo for MYR2.12 each and cleaning agents by a brand called Jazz.  I have never heard of this brand but I would soon find that I hadn’t heard of most of the brands stocked in Superpharmacy Megastore.  Nor could I find out anything about them after searching online. 
Oddly, the warehouse also had Disney Tsum Tsum figurines.  I have no idea what they are! 
There were also Japanese Mentos going for MYR10 for 3 tubes.  They looked interesting. 
There were plenty of Medibuddy First Aid To Go kits for MYR19.90 each.  I checked them out online and found that they are about USD5 each.  They looked useful and cute. 

There were a lot of supplements by a brand called Nuvita.  I can’t find any information on them at all on the Internet. 

I found a huge 25kg vat of shampoo by an unknown, mysterious brand called EcoWorld.  It cost MYR2650!  From the ingredient list, there are no sulfates or parabens in the shampoo but who would dare to try it out at that price?!  There were no other sizes on the shelves. 

I found some Mt Retour organic products at the warehouse.  Again, I had never heard of the brand but at least they have a website.  However, the products and prices aren’t very attractive. 

There was a section for Korean cereals/grains and beverages.  Most of them were reduced to clear at 50% off.  The good thing was that the expiry dates were not too close. 

There were some Original Sprout products but they were around the same price as at B.I.G.’s or Village Grocer.  I checked out some of the other products readily available at normal pharmacies (e.g. Biore, hair dye, Ricola sweets, St. Dalfour jam, Total Image collagen supplements) and prices were not cheaper at the warehouse.  In fact, they tended to be slightly more expensive. 

Salus liquid supplements were on sale and thus, cheaper than other places.  However, Superpharmacy did not store them in the refrigerator, unlike at Village Grocer.  I’m not sure if the bottles are supposed to be refrigerated? 
Spoon Health organic chia seeds were around the same price as online stockists. 

Superpharmacy Megastore has the largest collection of wheelchairs I’ve ever seen before in my life.  This is definitely the place to visit if you want to look for a wheelchair.  There were also hospital beds. 

Strangely, there were also babies’ and children’s goods such as Skip Hop and others.  I didn’t really check them out.  There were also things like pencil cases, children’s backpacks etc.  Very strange. 
I was surprised to see a rather comprehensive range of Woly shoe care products. 

All in all, it was a rather strange shopping experience and I left empty-handed.  There were a bunch of locally-produced beauty brands that I was not familiar with.  It was the most randomly weird store I’ve visited in a long time.  Although the megastore was branded a “warehouse”, I couldn’t see how the pricing reflected that.  I shopped at pharmacy warehouses overseas and they were rather different from Superpharmacy Megastore.  They were far more superior!  And somehow, I didn’t see any pricing for bulk buys although the newspaper article quoted them as saying that they did allow customers to purchase in bulk for cheaper.  For those who are thinking of going there, you can check their Facebook page for best buys.  I wouldn’t say it’s worth traveling a long distance just to go there.  Ah, now I miss those chemist warehouse overseas. 

Superpharmacy Megastore
No. 18, Jalan 19/1
Section 19
46300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia


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