Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The White Shirt with a Difference

Banana Republic white shirt
French Connection skirt
Longchamp flats
A white shirt is considered a wardrobe staple.  There is nothing quite like a crisp, pristine, white shirt to make you feel professional and proper.  However, a white shirt can be boring or uniform-like.  

Recently, I was gifted with a white shirt with an edge.  This Banana Republic shirt certainly did wow me when I first saw it.  From the front, it looked all business but the back was a different story.  There were two overlapping drapes at the back and the shirt hung loosely instead of being fitted.  I thought it was genius.  It didn’t look too dumpy but didn’t need to be tucked in. 

Unfortunately, the shirt is slightly too small for me but no matter, I wore it anyway.  Although the shirt is meant to be loose, it is made from cotton so it does tend to stick out a little at the sides.  And the back of the shirt is made from polyester, which I personally do not like.  I wonder how the shirt would look like if it were constructed out of voile or silk or viscose or even rayon.  It might hang a little differently. 

Don’t you think that the shirt looks like it was inspired by women wearing men’s shirts?  Perhaps it could have been better executed with a different choice of fabric.  In all honesty, the shirt wasn’t the most comfortable.  Anyway, the search for edgy white shirts continues!

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