Tuesday, 12 April 2016

FJ Benjamin Warehouse Clearance @ Viva Home Mall (9-10 April 2016)

Image credit:  FJ Benjamin Warehouse Clearance Facebook page
I almost didn’t make it to this sale.  I was busy on the first day of the sale.  I was also quite busy on the second (and last) day of the sale but I decided that I should give it a shot.  And yes, I was tempted by all the pictures posted on the official FJ Benjamin Warehouse Clearance Facebook page!  It was my very first time at Viva Home Mall.  Well, I’m glad I decided to go although I didn’t come back with a big shopping haul. 

Venue:  Spacious and well-lit.  Air-conditioning was working well
Parking:  Affordable enough
Merchandise:  I think most of the good stuff was gone on the first day.  Some of the merchandise was not very recent, but I’m not going to complain
Cashier counters:  Plentiful, separated by brands
Fitting rooms:  None, but some narrow mirrors were provided


There wasn’t much left by the time I got to the sale, maybe around 10 racks of men’s and women’s clothes.  The good news was that prices were reduced to MYR30 for women’s shirts and blouses.  There were hardly any pants or skirts.  Sizes and styles were limited compared to last year’s sale at Atria. 


Guess also seemed to be cleaned out.  Or did they not have much merchandise to begin with?  I’m not sure.  Jeans were marked down to MYR80 per pair but sizes were mostly in the 24-26 region for women.  I saw some leggings for MYR15 but only XS sizes were left on the rack.  Dresses were MYR70 each or 2 for MYR100.  Tops were MYR30 each.  Some of the dresses were not in the best condition – lace fraying etc. 

Banana Republic & Gap

Banana Republic and Gap had their own section away from the rest of the brands.  I must say, I found that the merchandise and prices were the least attractive among all the brands.  Some of the clothes were very old and in poor condition.  But most of all, I think the designs aren’t very attractive.  BR dresses were MYR120, tops were at least MYR50, knitwear was around MYR90-200.  I saw some clothes from BR’s collaborations with Roland Mouret (2014) and L’Wren Scott (2013).  I would probably skip these two brands if I lacked time. 


Superdry merchandise was all discounted at 50% off with additional discounts if you purchased more than 3 items.  Nothing really caught my eye there either.  The Superdry section was pretty quiet when I was at the sale.  I’d skip this brand during the next sale, too. 

La Senza

Spectacular discounts!  Now, if only I wore La Senza.  They had a “Buy 10 free 10 (free 5 on the first day)” offer for underwear at only MYR80.  Bras were 2 for MYR80 and “Buy 4 free 1” on the last day, garter belts were priced at MYR10, accessories were also 2 for MYR80.  I didn’t check the sizes available for bras but I did spot a good enough selection of nude bras (which I always thought were impossible to find on sale). 

Bags & watches
There were bags, wallets and watches available but I didn’t look at them. 

I thought that this venue was much better than last year’s venue.  I liked that FJ Benjamin continued having lots of cashier counters and separating them by brands.  Much more efficient that way!  And they continuously updated their Facebook page with pictures and offers.  It was very helpful. 

In the future, I’d definitely try to go to FJ Benjamin’s warehouse clearances on the very first day.  I really do think that all the good stuff was gone by the time I went on the second day.  Raoul always has great markdowns so I’d be looking out for them too.  There were even Happy Hour offers from time to time. 

If you wear very small or very large sizes, I would try to go on the last day to take advantage of the further markdowns.  I guess that tweens would find plenty of things on the last day since they’re probably in between child and adult sizes?  It would also be a good idea to find out your size and what works for you before you attend the sale as there aren’t any fitting rooms. 

My Haul

I bought a silk blouse from Raoul and a draped bodycon skirt from Guess for only MYR30 each.  Raoul had a “Buy 3 items, get additional 20% off” Happy Hour offer but I just couldn’t find 3 things to buy.  I love the Guess skirt although I would have sized down if I could.  I’ve been looking around for some bodycon skirts or dresses for a while but I couldn’t find any satisfactory ones at an affordable price.  Maybe I’ll do a post on bodycon skirts and dresses soon.  Overall, I’m pleased with this year’s FJ Benjamin warehouse clearance and I would definitely go again. 

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