Friday, 29 April 2016

Ted Baker & Bebe Friends & Family Sale (27 April - 2 May 2016) @ One Utama

Just a short update for now.  I will include more details later.

Not worth going to.  I wish I had skipped this one.


The only picture I took at the sale
When I saw that Bebe and Ted Baker were having a Friends and Family Sale at One Utama’s Bargain Corner, I headed there to have a look.  I had missed the same sale last year so I was determined to find out what it was like. 

Venue:  Not big but spacious enough.  Air-conditioning was working. 
Parking:  Affordable
Fitting Rooms:  Yes
Cashier Counters:  Only 1 but there is unlikely to be any queue.

Ted Baker
I have always had the impression that Ted Baker made pretty, floral clothes that were slightly conservative but deserving of the high price tag.  Unfortunately, most of the clothes at the sale were quite different from the image I had in my mind and worse, still very expensive. 

There were some shoes, bags and small accessories like phone covers, Ipad covers etc.  There were coats, pants, skirts, tops and a gown or two.  However, most of the merchandise looked a bit tired and old. 

Prices were still high – expect around MYR300 for a pair of pants.  Some clothes had flat prices but I didn’t really look. 

I don’t really like Bebe as I find it too tarty for my taste.  However, I do think that some of their clothes are attractive.  Unfortunately, most of the stuff at this sale was not very attractive.  There are some sweatpants and t-shirts with “BEBE” emblazoned in diamantes and some dresses and gowns. 

The prices were mostly marked on the merchandise, which was useful instead of having to do mental calculations or to refer to a price list.  In general:
Tops:  MYR99
Bottoms:  MYR150
Dresses:  MYR250 and up

This was easily the worst shopping experience of the year so far.  There wasn’t even anything to covet but be unable to buy because it was too expensive!  I didn’t like that some of the staff were chatting and blocking some racks of clothing.  Not that it mattered, since I wasn’t going to buy anything.  I also didn’t like the excessive hovering from the other sales staff, although I guess I shouldn’t nitpick as she was friendly and could have been quite helpful if I had needed her help.  Needless to say, I will be skipping all future Ted Baker and Bebe sales.  

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