Saturday, 2 April 2016

The High-Waisted Striped Circle Skirt

H&M black long-sleeved knit
Principles striped circle skirt
Topshop crossbody clutch
Caparros peeptoes
I found this black-and-white striped circle skirt made from many pieces at a thrift shop a few years ago.  I thought it looked super cool so I tried it on and bought it.  It is from Principles and made completely from cotton – even the lining.  That was a huge plus in my books as I dislike wearing clothes lined in acetate in our tropical weather.
An optical illusion of a skirt
When I got home, I spread the skirt on the floor to have a look.  It really formed a perfect circle!  I’m surprised that a department store brand would sell a skirt that requires so much fabric and work.  This skirt was made for whirling around in. 

The test to ensure the crop top isn't too short!
The problem was I had no idea what to wear with the skirt.  Whoever had previously owned the skirt must have had the same problem because it looked so new.  The skirt has a high waist so tucking in a blouse was out of the question.  I tried that and it looked dated.  After lots of research (i.e. searching for images online), I concluded that a cropped top would be the answer.  I found this black cropped long-sleeved knit top on sale at H&M for MYR30.  It goes with the skirt perfectly.  I finally understand the purpose of crop tops (besides showing off your abs)! 

The skirt in action
I love this skirt.  It’s comfortable and feminine.  I’m surprised that I would like a skirt like this as I usually prefer shorter skirts!  And I’m definitely trolling H&M for more cropped tops to go with it.  

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