Monday, 23 May 2016

BudgetConsumer – Daiso Hair Elastics

I have bought a lot of hair elastics in my lifetime but there are none that I love more than Daiso’s hair elastics (only the ones that are made in Japan).  I feel that they are more elastic and comfortable than other brands.  The problem is that they cost MYR5.30 for a pack of two, which makes them rather expensive.  I was about to buy another pack when I noticed something hanging from the side of the racks. 

I suppose these elastics are for making hair bands?  Anyway, they are really long and also made in Japan!  They even come in a variety of thicknesses and colours!  Daiso also sells a pack of five or six ready-cut hair elastics that haven’t been tied so you have to knot them up yourself.  Obviously, the “hair bands” are a far better deal.  You just have to cut them to size and tie them up to make hair elastic bands.  I love them!  

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