Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Recent Purchases (April & May 2016)

I’ve been doing a bit of shopping here and there, mostly stuff that I have wanted to get for a while.  Nothing particularly spectacular but I’m quite happy with my purchases. Some of these are still available in-store for those who would like to get them.  

Birkenstocks (MYR209.40 after 40% discount)

I saw these at Mitsui Outlet Park less than a month ago but didn’t buy them.  I found them at Isetan The Gardens and Isetan One Utama for the same price as at the outlet!  I guess I don’t need to go to the outlet to scout for bargains.  These are all leather except for the sole so I’m happy with them.  I shall be stalking Isetan for future Birkenstock sales. You can see some photos of the small Birkenstock clearance at Isetan One Utama from this page.  I didn't find any women's styles that were 50% off, though. 
H&M black pencil skirt (MYR49.90 before using 15% discount coupon)
Image credit:  http://www.hm.com/my/
I had been searching for a tube skirt was unable to find a good one or the colour I wanted (black) or my size.  I finally found this H&M skirt while randomly browsing H&M racks.  It came in a shorter length as well, which I’m now considering buying in leopard print.  I like that the skirt is 95% cotton, unlike some skirts which are mostly synthetic.  It also has a double layer, which is more flattering.  The price was great, too.  I’m glad I didn’t settle for more expensive options out there! 

Uniqlo women body shaper seamless high rise shorts (MYR19.90, value buy)
Image credit: http://www.uniqlo.com/my/
These shorts are normally MYR39.90.  I bought them in black because the nude version was not on offer.  The shorts are mid-thigh length and quite comfortable.  They are indeed seamless but I don’t find them to be useful in reducing tummy bulges.  Still, a good buy. 

Jones New York cap sleeve t-shirt (MYR15, before 10% member’s discount)

A bunch of Jones New York t-shirts surfaced at F.O.S. Mid Valley recently.  I was able to find a blue on in my size so I bought it.  The cotton is very smooth and comfortable.  I’m hoping that we will get more Jones New York stuff in F.O.S. since the label has closed down in the U.S. 

Matrix Biolage shampoos (3 for MYR39.90, old packaging only)

Remember the offer I posted a while ago?  Well, the offer got better!  I like it when shops have further reductions.  I bought 3 bottles of shampoo although I usually use sulphate-free and paraben-free shampoos.  These Matrix Biolage shampoos are paraben-free but not sulphate-free.  However, I don’t mind giving them a try for the price. 

Coslys gentle facial scrub (MYR59, before 70% discount, old packaging only)

Shins has a bunch of Coslys products in old packaging on their shelves again.  Yay!!!!!  I really like Coslys products, especially at 70% off, so I bought a scrub to try.  I’ve been using it for a month now and I like it.  You can read my review on some of the Coslys stuff I bought here.  

Vincci necklace (MYR5)

This necklace was marked down to MYR5 from its original price of MYR69.  I love it because it’s sparkly and cheap!  It can be wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet, too. 

Books from Bookxcess (MYR9.90-MYR17.90)

I picked up some books from Bookxcess at Amcorp Mall too.  I don’t like spending lots of money on books because I’m terrible at picking books!  Most of the time, I hate the ones that I bought and think that I should have spent the money on clothes instead.  I’ve only read Something Borrowed out of the three books shown above and well, I wish I’d spent the money on something else.  

The shopping scene has been a bit quiet recently.  There aren’t lots of tantalising sales but hopefully things will pick up soon.  I’ll be looking out for some good deals in the next 3 months, which I find are the best months to shop here in Kuala Lumpur.  Happy shopping!

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