Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Uniqlo X Lemaire Short-Sleeved Dress

Uniqlo and Lemaire black short-sleeved dress
I had read about Lemaire’s collaborations with Uniqlo with some interest.  Fashion publications touted Uniqlo X Lemaire as the best ever designer collaboration.  I clicked through the preview photos and felt underwhelmed.  I thought I would be more enthusiastic, seeing as Christophe Lemaire was once the creative director of Hermes.  A friend was very much in love with Lemaire’s second collaboration with Uniqlo, going around searching for the pieces that weren’t carried in Malaysia.  Eventually, I got brainwashed and decided to check out the clothes in-store. 
Side view of the dress
I didn’t think the clothes looked very attractive, although I did like the short-sleeved knits.  The dresses seemed weirdly roomy.  The prices were rather high (MYR199.90) so I didn’t give the clothes much thought.  I did see some tourists from Australia frantically buying many items as they were cheaper in Malaysia.  That still didn’t convince me to give the clothes a second thought. 
When Lemaire's second collection for Uniqlo launched, I discovered that the seersucker dresses had really deep pockets.  I was so excited!  I hadn't seen such deep pockets on women's clothing since....forever!  That sold me on the dress and I bought the short-sleeved one when it went on sale for MYR99.90. 
The dress, worn unbelted
The dress is roomy and has lots of gathers.  I don’t think I’d wear it without tying it at the waist.  The dress holds its shape well, thanks to the seersucker fabric.  I tried on both size S and M and found that there wasn’t much difference except for the sleeves.  I find that the sleeves on a size S dress are quite fitting so you should size up if you prefer a looser fit in the arm area. 

All in all, I’m quite happy with the Uniqlo X Lemaire dress and bought the sleeveless version too.  They’re currently on sale for a song at MYR69.90 but stock is dwindling fast.  I hope this post helps those who are looking for unfussy, well-designed dresses with pockets.  Happy shopping!