Monday, 19 September 2016

Recent Purchases (July – September 2016)

It’s been a while!  I really need to manage my time better in order to write more.  The shopping scene has been a bit quiet lately.  No major hauls on my part but I did buy some pretty things that made me very happy. 

Since I haven’t written about my recent purchases, I have to start from the least recent ones.  I got these Catrice items from Guardian during a sale in July.  I haven’t opened the shine control powder yet but the colour lip balm is good enough for what I paid (MYR13 or so). 

I am always on the lookout for SLS-free shampoos.  Shins had these Coslys certified organic hair and body shampoo at 60% off from the original price of MYR29.  The scents sounded a bit odd – cereal and seaweeds.  The more appealing raspberry scent was not on sale.  As it turned out, the shampoos had hardly any scent.  I’ve used the shampoos and am pleased with them.

Having read so much about the wonders almond oil can do for your face, I bought a 300ml bottle from the edible oils section of Village Grocer for MYR49.90.  It was much cheaper than the almond oils sold in beauty stores.  The oil does absorb nicely into my skin but I don’t know if I can see a spectacular effect.  I’m not particularly bothered, though, as I can still use it as a body moisturiser. 

I succumbed to the temptation of buying another scented candle when I saw Tilley candles on sale at TNS Skinlab.  The candles were around MYR45 after 50% discount.  I got the magnolia and green tea candle as I like the scent best among all the scented soaps Tilley has. 

While waiting for Lemaire’s new, permanent collaboration with Uniqlo to hit stores, I bought his black sleeveless seersucker dress for MYR69.90 on sale.  I still see the short-sleeved dresses in some stores but the sleeveless ones seem a bit harder to come by.  I find both dresses to be easy to wear and practical.  I would buy more but I am not supposed to buy any more duplicates. 

A trip to Amcorp Mall netted me this white eyelet silk crepe blouse by Equipment.  The tags were still attached!  I realised that Equipment’s sizing seems to run large – this was an XS and wasn’t even tight on me.  The previous Equipment blouse I bought was in M and it is quite loose. 

I also bought this ruffled leopard print blouse.  The colours are a bit darker than what I’d like but I couldn’t pass it up! 

It’s been a good time to shop for leopard print.  I bid my old Vincci leopard print heels goodbye a while ago and was sad about it.  Finding this pair of pointy toed, leopard print kitten heels at H&M was unexpected but thrilling.  You know how exciting it is to find exactly what you were looking for!  They were MYR89.90 but I had a 15% discount voucher. 

I was delighted to find this black Versace X H&M silk skirt at a thrift shop.  I would never be able to join the long queues when these designer collaborations are launched nor would I ever pay what the resellers ask for them.  So, thrift shops are my best bet for scoring any of these pieces.  I would have liked to score one of the more outlandish pieces from the collection but I’m not complaining.  I would also like to find some stuff from Lanvin X H&M or Alexander Wang X H&M or Karl Lagerfeld X H&M……ok, I should stop being greedy. 

I’m usually an earrings-only girl but for some reason, I’ve become obsessed with rings and bangles.  On a recent trip to Lovisa, I couldn’t find any wrist candy but bought some rings and a pair of earrings, all in rose gold.  I made the rookie mistake of buying all the rings in the same size.  So I can only wear them on my thumbs and forefingers.  I bought 3 items for MYR45.  I really should have waited for a sale. 

I stumbled upon Lovisa’s sale on 15 September.  Having found nothing interesting in the Pavilion store, I was happy to find some bejeweled hairpins in the Fahrenheit88 store.  The hairpin with the huge flower looks a bit odd when worn on the side of the head.  It would probably work better pinned at the back of the head.  Oh well.  I couldn’t pass it up for MYR6 (original price MYR45.90). 
If you’re wondering, I did go to the Club21 sale at Concorde Hotel but left empty-handed.  I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth going at all.  Prices were quite high and the clothes hardly looked exciting.  There weren’t many accessories either.  I found a few Alexander Wang pieces but I didn’t want to pay MYR250++ for synthetic materials.  Parking cost me MYR15.  That could have bought me something nice to eat instead. 
I also paid a visit to the FJ Benjamin outlet in Jaya Shopping Centre.  I’d say, save your petrol and parking money.  Most of the merchandise is from their last warehouse sale but more expensive. 

That’s all for now.  Until next time, happy shopping!

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