Monday, 31 October 2016

A Tale of Two Sequined Skirts

There was a point in my life when I loved sequined clothes, in particular, sequined skirts.  The sight of sequins winking seductively in the light filled my heart with longing to own those beautifully embellished garments. 
Raoul silk blouse
Ralph Lauren gold sequined skirt
Barachini gold sandals
That was how I ended up with two sequined skirts.  The first sequined skirt I had ever purchased was from Ralph Lauren.  I had found a whole bunch of silk skirts that were completely studded with bronze and gold sequins at a clearance event.  I almost squealed out loud when I found that the skirts were 90% off and I could get a further 30% off by purchasing at least 5 items.  So I paid around MYR200 for a skirt that was originally MYR2700.  At the cashier, an elderly lady looked at my purchases and said, “That’s a very nice skirt.  You can wear it to work.”  I don’t know what she assumed my job was.......