Sunday, 13 November 2016

FJ Benjamin Warehouse Sale @ Atria Shopping Gallery (4-6 November 2016)

I was surprised to learn that FJ Benjamin would be hosting yet another warehouse sale this year.  In hopes of finding more deeply discounted Raoul stuff, I headed to Atria Shopping Gallery.  
The sale was good for such things.  

Unfortunately, the sale was nothing much to shout about.  I thought that the merchandise looked worn and quite old.  The selection wasn't great, either.
  • Raoul - there were only about 15 garments when I went on a Saturday.  They just took all the stock sitting in their Jaya Shopping Centre "outlet" (a sad excuse for an outlet, really) and dumped it in Atria.  

  • Guess - I saw lots of stuff from their "outlet".  Very little choice of sizes and styles.  
  • Gap & Banana Republic - yawn.  Prices weren't that attractive either - MYR50 and up.
  • Superdry - 40-50% off retail prices.  Not enough of a discount for me, but at least the stock looked new and in good condition.  
  • Timepieces & handbags - The selection was far better than the selection for apparel.  There were some Guess leather handbags and wallets (MYR150 for wallet, MYR350 for a large bag).  No shoes, though. 
Overheard:  earrings?  Or pins?

  • La Senza - prices were the same as the previous sale (3 bras for MYR99).  I had seen most of the merchandise before from the previous sale but the prices were not lower.  Having said that, La Senza had the most entertaining selection.  Loungewear (basically anything that's not a bra or underwear) was MYR20 for 2 and accessories were MYR10 for 2.  Accessories included anything from pasties, phone covers, hosiery, paddles, masks and headbands.  I saw plenty of people pick up the jewel pasties and asking each other what they were.  If only they knew!  

Since I had trekked all the way to Atria, I decided that I should buy something.  My very small haul was all from La Senza.  I didn't need or like them very much but I figured that I could give them a try.  The stockings were MYR10 for 2 (already found a snag in one of them) and the padded bandeau and crop top were MYR20 for 2.  I washed the crop top and bandeau together, thinking that the colours wouldn't bleed.  But now I have a bandeau that has been dyed fluorescent green in some places!  Why would innerwear not be colour fast?!  

All in all, a disappointing sale and haul.  I really doubt that I will go to another FJ Benjamin warehouse sale.  In fact, I really didn't want to write this post but I figured that I should, if only to remind myself not to go again.  Here's to better warehouse sales!

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